Yogishaan is into production of building material.
Supalite CLC block is one of the product.
CLC is called as Cellular Light Weight Concrete and it is also called as Foam Concrete. CLC (Cellular Light Weight Concrete) is a version of light weight concrete that is produced like normal concrete under ambient conditions. CLC Blocks are a cement-bonded material made for high quality bricks with fly ash, crush stone and cement and other.
CLC is an excellent and competitive material for low -rise, load-bearing construction and outside walls aswell as partitioning work in multi -storeyed blocks.

• Weather & Earthquake Resistance
• Economical
• Accurate Measurement
• Save Time, Labour, material & Cost of Production
• Save 18-20% Steel
• Enhance Carpet Area
• Fast Construction
• Easy Handling
• Sound Absorbent
• Fire Resistant
• Eco-Friendly